Your Perfect Payroll Partner
Your Perfect Payroll Partner

Our services: reliable and tailor-made

Premier Payroll offers professional and reliable services in the financial sector, each of them tailored to suit your specific circumstances. It goes without saying that this includes a detailed consultation. You can depend on our professional experience to find the right solution for you –  confidently, quickly and without complication.

  • Professional Payroll Services for small to medium businesses with 1-200 employees

  • Full & Ongoing support

  • rti compliant

  • No Company Set Up Fee

  • No Employee Setup Fee

  • able to carry out automatic enrolment duties

  • No Fee For New Starters

  • No Fee For Leavers

  • No Extra Year-End Costs

  • TheRE are NO hidden Extras with Premier Payroll 

A brief look at our services

  • benefits of a Payroll bureau

  • reduced Costs

  • No need for a payroll clerk, the possible costs to a company are:-

    • ​APPROXIMATE SALARY = £15,000 P.A

  • WE WILL LIAISE DIRECTLY WITH Your employees inland revenue office & the tax office

  • administration overhead

  • we will complete all statutory paperwork

  • TheRE are NO hidden Extras with Premier Payroll 


  • Pricing

  • We CHarge an unbelievable £3.25 per employee per pay-run regardless of the size of your business

  • at premier payroll we belive in keeping our fee structure as straightforward as possible to enable our clients to budget without the worry of extra costs, which can so easily spiral! 

  • for Example 10 employees x £3.25 = £32.50 per pay run therefore:-

    • 12 MONTHS x £32.50 = £390.00 PER ANNUM​
    • 52 WEEKS x £32.50 = £1690.00 PER ANNUM
  • we take the time, hassle & worry out of producing a payroll to enable you to get on with running your business! 


  • our aim is to provide you with the payroll service your company requires not tell you what services we will provide for you

  • for example we can produce a payroll on a weekly, two weekly, four weekly or monthly basis whichever suits your company needs the best

  • the software we use is HMRC complient and allows us to produce numerous reports to provide you with all the possible information your company could need.

  • we do offer additional services such as advanced excel spreadsheets construction and professional payroll advice

  • we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help you, so please telephone 01763 273311, mob 07833 288 762 email , or use our contact form

  • we offer a bespoke payroll service designed to your exact specification & requirements to allow 'premier payroll' & your company to become 'perfect payroll partners'


We'll be pleased to provide you with more details about our services. Contact Lisa on +44 1763 271943 +44 1763 271943 or use our contact form.

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